Buenos Aires Seed Convention

Forage & Turf Seeds

3 August 2020
Dear Colleague,
Above all, we hope you and your dear ones are keeping well.
With memories of the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Buenos Aires Seed Convention-BASC still fresh in our mind, we regret to announce that BASC2020 will not be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
From World Health Organization (WHO) reports we know that the situation is different in each region, country and even within each country. Likewise, governments have adopted different criteria to fight the spread of the disease. For this reason we believe that we should inform you of the current situation in Argentina to put our decision in context.
At present, international commercial flights are suspended. International border crossings are closed for travelers and only a few are open for freight vehicles.
There already is community transmission of COVID-19 but it varies greatly by province and is even nil in some.
The City of Buenos Aires and surrounding districts account for over half of the total number of confirmed cases. For this reason, a "preventive and mandatory social isolation" (lockdown) is in force. Consequently, the movement of people is restricted to essential activities and all meetings are forbidden until further notice.
Although the healthcare system is managing the epidemiological situation, there is no certainty regarding the evolution of the outbreak and the easing of restrictions to resume the new normality. For these reasons we believe that the conditions to hold an international event like BASC are not right.
However, the Seed Industry is considered essential and -prioritizing human health- our sector adopted COVID-19 prevention protocols to continue working and ensure the supply of quality forage and turf seeds to Argentina and the world.
We count on you to overcome these circumstances together and continue building bonds of trust through business ventures.
Cordially yours,
BASC Organizing Committee
The Buenos Aires Seed Convention -BASC- is the international business networking meeting in South America that brings together companies working in the forage and turf seed sector, including related services such as seed treatments, among others.
First organized by the Cámara de Semilleristas de la Bolsa de Cereales in 2010, delegates from 19 countries have participated, closed deals, extended their network of contacts and exchanged global market information in the different editions.
About Argentina

Argentina has favorable agro-climatic conditions and trained human resources to produce quality seeds. Additionally, its geographic location is a comparative advantage that enables counter-seasonal production.

For the above reasons as well as its livestock farming tradition, the national list includes over 1800 varieties of forage species.

In the last decade, Argentine seed exports of temperate forage and turf species have increased by 235%, and the country’s trade balance has been positive for the last 6 crop years.

Furthermore, subtropical forage species are being promoted to increase pasture productivity in environments with limitations.

Argentina is focused both on consolidating and opening export markets as well as on developing new domestic consumption markets with a view to complementing domestic production with imports.

About the Cámara de Semilleristas de la Bolsa de Cereales

The Cámara de Semilleristas de la Bolsa de Cereales is an Argentine association whose members dedicated to forage and turf seeds, as well as related services.

Established in 1955, they currently represent close to 90% of the forage and turf seed market.

For more information please visit our web page: www.csbc.org.ar